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     Chinese Spring Festival Holiday in 2019


    Respected customers:


    Hello! Thank you for your generous support and understanding of Pinshan Front Line in the past year. The Chinese New Year is coming. I wish you a happy Spring Festival in advance. Now we have the following arrangements for the Spring Festival holidays:

           1、放假时间:2019年1月20日(农历腊月十五) 至 2019年2月15日(农历正月十一),2月16日(农历正月十二)开工!

          1. Holiday time: January 20, 2019 (15th lunar month) to February 15, 2019 (11th lunar month), February 16 (12th lunar month) start work!

           2、截单日期: 1月16日下午17时。(按照提交付款资料时间为准)

          2. Date of closure: 17 p.m. on January 16. (According to the time of submission of payment information)


           3. Expected time limit of logistics: Logistics will stop after January 20. If there is a demand for an order from a year ago, please place an order in time for purchase and arrangement, so as to facilitate the delivery of goods to our company as soon as possible.



     In the new year, we will be as conscientious as ever, and join hands with you to create brilliance, and finally offer sincere wishes.


                                                                    Business is booming and family is happy!




    注: 放假期间,网站正常开放,可如常购物下单,提交付款资料,假期后将一一处理!